In 2011, Fred McNeil and Mike Arnold became friends at a musical gathering in Durham Bridge, NB. Their shared love of the Nashwaak River, traditional country music, similar work/hobby interests, and simple enjoyment from ‘watching folks having a good time’ eventually sparked a grand idea. Both had a similar dream of bringing music to a larger community on a much larger scale. With their combined resources, the two took to planning. With much thought and help from family and friends ( The Fraser Family to name a few), the stage was set in August of 2012 and the rest is, so called, ‘History.’ A general rule of thumb they have followed from the beginning is to keep the festival family-oriented, safe and clean. Fred and Mike are proud to host an event that gives back to the community. A place where local food vendors, musicians, artisans, and business’ can prosper. The festival is a not-for-profit organization and donates tickets to many other organizations/benefits as well. The Nashwaak festival grounds have also become host to the World Washer Toss Championships.

The Nashwaak Music Festival has grown in attendance every year since 2012, gained loyal financial sponsors, and has drawn campers and vacationers from all over Canada and parts of the U.S.

Thank-you to Nashwaak Bridge, volunteers, friends, family, sponsors, musicians, and you for supporting the Nashwaak Musicfest. 

See you on the river..